Troop 9 Summer Camp Experience

by hardchris9

Scuba Merit Badge

Troop 9 scouts, Sean Keen and Chris Hard, (2nd & 3rd from the left) earning the Scuba Diving Merit Badge at Camp Sqanto at Summer Camp 2011.

My best Troop 9 Summer Camp Experience was when I did Scuba Diving. This was not only a merit badge but also it was a certificate saying I have received my Scuba Diving license. The class lasted all day and lasted the entire week. I learned the safety of scuba diving and I also learned how to use all of the equipment. I got to practice my skills in the pond at Camp Squanto and then eventually on Thursday of that week I got to go into the ocean and scuba dive.

I started by snorkeling and then eventually added more and more of the scuba diving equipment until I had all of the equipment on.

When I went into the ocean to scuba dive with the class I was able to explore below the surface and really learned a lot about scuba diving.

It is an extremely unique and exciting experience and I highly recommend it to any scout trying to figure out what to do at Summer Camp.


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