OA Registration form for Ordeal weekends, 8/23-25 & 9/13-15

The registration form for the Order of the Arrow Ordeal weekends is available on the Troop 9 website here- OA Registration

Registration must be mailed in advance, there are no walk-ons. Scouts must bring their medical forms from summer camp. Arrowmen looking to become Brotherhood must attend one of these weekends to advance to Brotherhood.

Brotherhood candidates sleep in their own tents, eat in the dining hall and work on any assignments around camp. Candidates should bring work clothes for Saturday and full Class A and OA sash for the Brotherhood ceremony.

Brotherhood candidates must read the OA pamphlet and study throughout the day, their is an oral test they must pass to become Brothers on Saturday afternoon. There is a ceremony for the Brotherhood candidates Saturday night.

An alternate route to Brotherhood is to serve as an Elangomat for an Ordeal clan. Arrowmen can volunteer to relive their Ordeal as a guide or Elangomat for Ordeal candidates. The Elangomat leads the Ordeal candidates, sleeping under the stars, eating minimal food, performing arduous work, and only break their silence to instruct and lead Ordeal candidates. An clan has 10-15 candidates. An Elangomat must still study and learn about the next level of OA, Brotherhood and is given some additional time and resources to do so because they are leading their clan from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon.

Parents- please note, this is NOT a Troop 9 event. It is an OA event, run by the OA and scouts participate as individuals. Scouts can carpool and tent together, but the Troop will not be at OA with leaders and troop trailer.

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