First Year Scouts

Not all boys advance at the same pace, but Troop 9 focuses on a scouting program that helps boys reach First Class scout within two years. First Class is the 4th rank in scouting and when a scout completes 1st class, he has acquired all the knowledge to be a scout. After that, the next three ranks through Eagle are all bout leadership.

Troop 9 also understands sports and work to accommodate athletes. Most of the spring and fall camp-outs are close to Plymouth to allow a scouts to leave camp, get to their sports event and get back, but we know travel to far towns or sports doesn’t mean this can always work.

Boys can and do miss camp-outs with conflicts, but scouts work at their own pace and progress through the ranks- some camp-outs help this more than others.

Here is a sample scout year-

September- campout at CP Squanto, focus on planning, buying, cooking and cleaning meals in the field.

October- camping at Camp Edwards in Falmouth, focus on map & compass and land navigation on a military grade course

November- no camp out

December- camp out at CP Sayre in Blue Hills- focus on planning and taking five mile hike.

January- Camping at CP Squanto, preparing for the Klondike The Klondike also happens late January.

February- no camping

March- camping local with focus on camp site set up, using knives and saws, first aid. This is usually new scouts first camp out with troop- so focus on their basic camping skills. This year (and last) we are going skiing in NH

April- Adventure trip- something different, we wen to Lexington for the battle re-enactment, this year we are trying to get on Groton Naval base to stay and see the submarine museum.

May- Camping at CP Squanto- first aid, cooking, summer camp prep and support Cub Scout Tiger Safari

June- No camping

July- Summer camp, 7 days at CP Squanto third week in July. This is where first year scouts earn a lot of rank and merit badges, starting with Swimming, Personal Fitness, Nature, Mammals, etc. Most of our scouts make or get close to Tenderfoot by the end of camp.

The Wednesday night meetings are Merit Badge work with counselors, planning campouts and patrol activities, working on missing rank and boards of review to make rank.

So the commitment goes up and down and works around school and sports.


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