Canceling Camping in Canton

The leadership has been trying to make contingency plans and options to make this camping trip work.  But after 32 years in the military and 111 years in scout, I have learned sometime you need to accept yes for an answer or no for an answer and move one.

We are short on everything but snow forecasts; less than full compliment of registered leaders, and organic rides, and bunks in the one cabin (I Planned to use Adirondacks to house 8 older scouts, but the temps will be lower than is reasonable), and the earlier start of the snow and more snow in Canton, it is time to make the call; That call is to cancel this camping trips. There are too many strikes against safety to try and get this trip and hike in. I have spoken to Minuteman Council, and we can keep our deposit and reschedule for another date- which is a great opportunity to hike the Blue Hills in good weather.
Thanks to all the parents that emailed or spoke to me about driving to help out. Your help is appreciated and needed. But I don’t want you driving to Canton and back to pick us up Saturday evening or Sunday morning, and with that many vehicles and 26 scouts, the smart, safe move is to cancel and reschedule.
So DON’T BUY food, don‘t pack and those that gave money on Wednesday will be refunded next Wednesday.

Next Wednesday, we will have out last meeting of the calendar year, we will have a court of honor to note all scouts accomplishments since June and share some Christmas joy and refreshments.
Thanks for your support, stay safe and dry this weekend.

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