Weekend Camping Packing List

  • Back Pack, Duffle bag or sports bag for gear
  • Scout Handbook place the book in a zip lock bag to keep it dry and clean
  • No Class A uniform- we do not wear our class A uniform camping- it just gets dirty. You can bring your Class B t-shirts if you have them.
  • Couple of $, if the trading post is open.

Outdoor Essentials

  • Water Bottle, filled
  • Flashlight always keep this on you while traveling so you have it when you arrive
  • Rain gear jacket or a poncho
  • Pocket knife may carry only if you have Totin Chip
  • Small roll of toilet paper
  • Personal First Aid Kit bandaids, chapstick, moleskin, etc. – supplies for minor injuries only, Troop carries medical supplies and will administer first aid to Scouts
  • Work gloves, leather or cotton

Clothing Supplement this list based on the expected weather conditions

All clothing should be weather appropriate. Your clothing needs will depend on the trip. However, you should always plan to dress in layers so that your clothing becomes more versatile as weather conditions change.

  • Shirts and pants or shorts
  • T-shirts and underwear, at least two pair
  • Jacket, sweater, fleece depending on conditions
  • Socks At least three pairs of socks, ONLY wool socks when cold
  • Sturdy hiking shoes or boots waterproof boots are best when it rains, make sure they are broken in
  • Extra shoes to wear around camp e.g., tennis shoes
  • Pajama’s or sweats (optional) you must have something clean and dry at night when it is cold
  • Hat knit or fleece hats if it is cold and for sleeping at night, baseball hats or hats with a full brim for other times
  • Sleeping bag you may need to supplement this with blankets when it is cold- put sleeping bag in plastic bag to keep dry.
  • Sleeping pad or foam pad or blanket to insulate you from the cold ground and provide comfort
  • Pillow optional

Eating and cleanliness

  • Knife, fork and spoon Lexan or tough plastic is best because it doesn’t get hot
  • Bowl and plate plastic is best because it doesn’t get hot, avoid metal
  • Cup suitable for cold or hot drinks an inexpensive plastic insulated mug is great
  • Small towel and wash cloth
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss

Personal Extras

  • Medications all personal medications must be given to the adult responsible for medications for the weekend
  • Watch because scoutmasters don’t always know the time
  • Pen and paper a small notebook is a good choice
  • Small bottle of sun screen especially if it’s sunny and you are prone to sunburn
  • Sun glasses optional
  • Personal snacks, optional. A scout is hungry.


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