100th Anniversary of Eagle Scouts

Today is the 100th anniversary of Eagle Scouts in the US. Only 4% of scouts earn this highest rank, it is truly a lofty accomplishment and molds tomorrow’s leaders. Today’s Wall Street Journal has an OpEd on Eagle Scouts in the US-

A Century of Eagle Scouts

Some folks in our council refer to Troop 9 as the “Eagle Factory”. It is meant to deride the troop and implies that we take short cuts. I was put off when I first heard the expression, but now I take it as a badge of honor. Yes we are an Eagle Factory, producing 78 Eagle Scouts since 1977. ¬†We are an Eagle Factory because the Troop 9 scouting program is build around helping scouts reach 1st Class Scout in 1-2 years. If a scout is active and works hard, he can make the rank which scouting founder, Bayden Powell considered a boy to be a real scout. There are no short cuts. This program can be repetitive for the older scouts in the troop, but they start to emerge as leaders in the troop and have many opportunities to work on the required merit badges and have a younger scout base to help with the Eagle Project. Because we focus on getting scouts to 1st class and it is the older boys that teach and lead, the scout is set up along the scout trail to make Eagle Scout in Troop 9 if he has the drive and discipline.

Congratulations to all scouts on this 100th anniversary and to that special, rare breed, the 4%, the 78 Troop 9 Eagle Scouts.

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